Matt's Survey

Jobs I've had:
1. janitor
2. DI clothing sorter
3. Roofer
4. construction worker
5. hotel maintenance engineer

Movies I can watch over and over again:
1. forrest gump
2. hellboy
that's all i can think of

Places I've lived:
1. midvale, utah
2. Logan, Utah
3. england
4. salt lake city

Favorite TV shows
1. simpsons
2. CSI
3. Smallville
4. Heroes
5. 24

Favorite Foods:
1. ham rollups
2. ramen
3. Village inn hashbrowns
4. training table cheese fries with dipping sauce
5. pastrami

Favorite Websites:
1. ebay

Five places I'd rather be:
1. huntington beach
2. myrtle beach
3. a beach in hawaii
4. a beach in the carribean
5. alaska

1. I don't know what this means either


wendy said...

I really like your newest picture and the way you wrote kari and Matt. And the music is a nice touch! Mine is so boring! But at least I have a "blog!"

Lori said...

i love your new "look" on the blog.

Brad and Kelly Tate Family said...

Kari, look at what you've started...any luck with a "real job" yet??