Books I'm Reading and Books I'm Going to Read

Ok first I started reading The Screwtape Letters because Jake Parson recommended it, but I was really confused at first and never really got into it.

I decided to start The Memory Keeper's Daughter, and I'm about halfway through it. I'm not in love with it (like I was with the Twilight series), but it's ok. I'm definitely not reading it very quickly.

After I finish, I'll have to decide between Screwtape and the Fountainhead, which is another recommendation of Jake's.

So those are my recent reads. Has anyone read these?


wendy said...

Kari, I haven't read any of those books and I have to admit, never heard of them. I've read The Thornbirds though...loved it!

The tv stand is awesome! I really like it.

Nice pic, Matt!

Kari, look at my blog!

Tate Family said...

Screwtapes...I read about 2 chapters and was pretty lost. Gave up because no enjoyment whatsoever!!! You need to stop listening to whoever is recommending the books, my opinion of course!

Tate Family said...

Oh yah, I did read Memory Keeper's Daughter...Um, not a favorite, not sure I liked it, or didn't like it, titch depressing is the best I can come up with to explain it. How is that last book???
Also, hoping Matt has shaved that nasty thing below his lip...tell him to just stick with a flavor savor if he has a deep desire for facial hair. Again, my opinion, but I like to think it's right! HA! What are you guys doing for Turkey Day??