I like pink

Here's a picture of our laundry room/Olive's room.

Here's my new cell phone! Yes, same color as laundry room.

Olive's astronaut costume was too small, so it looks like she's just wearing a shiny jacket.


wendy said...

Wow! I love your laundry room and cell phone!!! And of course Olive looked just like an astronaut..haha. Y'all are crazy!

The Bryger Family said...

AWESOME! How did you get your husband to let you paint your laudry room pink?? I need your secret!


katy kathryn julia said...

Yeah seriously. How did you get him to agree on pink? I really like the color--it's so you! And Olive is HUGE. Oh my gosh! I hope she's well-trained or I'll never meet her. You know about the relationship I have with dogs. :)