I'm so freakin good

It's true. I'm so good at Rock Band now. Well, definitely on the guitar. I'm now on the hard level...you have to play with all.FIVE.keys. Yep, you heard that right. I even played on the medium level holding a conversation with my mom on the phone. I'm better than Matt on the guitar, drums, and singing. I can't help it. I must be musically inclined. Too bad I don't care.

So today I asked a lady in my store if she knew about the sale going on, and she said, "This one?" and pointed to the sign (99.9% of people don't look at the signs), and I said yes. She goes, "I can read." OK, biatch! I don't think you can really understand how rude she was without me actually saying it to you. Then when she was getting rung up (not by me because I purposely didn't go up to do it), she asked the new girl if it REALLY needed to take that long to get the sensor off of her inside-out clothes. The girl told her that she was new, and the lady was like, "Oh ok!" all sarcastically. I don't get when people are mean for no reason. I thought of so many rude rebutalls to her "I can read" statement, but of course I couldn't think of them at the time. I felt like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail.

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