Ogden, Utah

1. Price of Gas Today: Last time I looked at Flying J it was 2.95 or something. 2. Temperature Today: fricken freezing. according to weather.com it's 27 but feels like 20. i just LOVE utah winter. not. 3 Interesting Things About Our Neighbors: i swear one of the girls that lives next to us is a lesbian. not that there is anything wrong with that. the guy across the street acts like we're blocking his car if we are a mile away from it. the lady across the street lets her pregnant belly hang out. 4. Famous Restaurants: uhh there's a pie. 5. Number of People On Our Street with Lights Still Up: no one, i don't think 6. Top 3 Tourist Attractions Near Us: i don't know. snow basin or whatever skiing place is by us. then i guess temple square in slc. uhh weber state? haha i have no idea 7. Distance from Our house to Where We Attend Church: like 3 or 4 blocks. or 5. i don't know. pretty close. the joys of being mormon in utah. 8. How Long Have We Lived in the House Where We Currently Reside? about 5 months i think 9. The Team Everyone Roots for in Our City: no idea. maybe weber. logan was definitely usu. 10. Number of Visitors That Could Sleep Comfortably in Our Home if They Were to Visit: probably 2 or 3. we have a blow up mattress in our guest room right now, and we have a long couch in the living room 11. Distance Between Us and the Next Closest Relative: 20 minutes to both of my grandmas 12. Local Favorite Dessert Place: no idea. 13. Most Exciting Thing at Our House Today: i'm going to take a shower 14. Interesting Observations About the People/Culture Where We Live: everyone's mormon, and the ones that aren't smoke.

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