Hey baby hey baby hey

I complain a lot about how everyone's pregnant. I feel left out! So I made a very long list of people that are pregnant or recently had babies and are about my own age (some are of age to be moms though). Don't think I'm saying that you young mothers shouldn't be mothers, but you're making me feel sad and alone. Not really. Anyway, I feel like sharing this list with you.

Currently Pregnant:
  • Jordan Brinkerhoff Parks
  • Lori Thurman
  • Ambyr Spitzer Porter
  • Lacy...my friend's wife
  • Terra Huff
  • Jaci Udy
  • Kasey Merrill
  • Stephanie Barclay
  • Missy Harding
  • Natalie Maughan
  • Shelly Wagstaff
  • Ali Stewart
  • Jennie McRoberts
  • Shayla Ercanbrack
  • Kristy Stinson Bass
  • Shae Curtis...just a chick from school
  • Sadie McBride, my friend's wife that hates us
  • Abby Rassmussen...from my fresh. year
  • Erin Brinkerhoff...although I can't get access to her BLOG!
  • Jennie Travis, our new friend from our ward

Recent labor extravaganzas:

  • Emily Taylor, Matt's ex-woman :)
  • Shauna Wallace
  • Kendra Bigger
  • Chrissy, Emily's sister
  • Joy Wood
  • Andrew Brannock's wife
  • Clint's wife
  • Serene Quin Leavitt
  • Becca, a girl that wanted Matt
  • Brooke McKibben Adams
  • Lindsay Guimon...girl from USU
  • Ashley Smith, a girl Matt dated, who married his best friend

Then there are others that have oopses.

And then there is one girl who is trying, and she shall remain anonymous. For now.

Quite the list, huh?


Hey it's Josh and Terra said...

no only when you sit behind me in the temple!! How are you guys doing?

Tate Family said...

Guess your not worried about Sadie reading this...I want to hear more about the cruise...email me!!!

Missy said...

Wow that's quite a list. Glad I'm not on it! I didn't know Erin was pregnant again! (there was a pic of her on courtney's blog and she looks too tiny to be prego!)

Elise said...

I love it! You should put your name on that list soon!

Clayton and Heidi said...

k Kari I'm coming clean. I read your blog all the time. I LOVE it and you are soooo freaking hilarious. I wasn't sure if I was pregnant or not til I didn't read my name on your list...I'm so relived! Anyways...I'm going to keep snooping on your blog and add you to our friend list (can we be friends even though I was an annoying visiting teacher:) I hope that is ok. later

katy kathryn julia said...

That is quite the list.

Chelsi said...

You are crazy. Be happy with your current position in life, damnit!

Chelsi said...

Just don't secretly go off BC. That's creepy.

ambyr said...

yep, I'm hopefully soon to be off that list soon!!! Well, like 8 weeks which is too long!

Grandma Duffy said...

I can't wait to see you on the list! That is pretty fun that Lori is expecting. Can't wait for Steph to be happily married and pregnant, too. Don't know how long that will be....

Big Z said...

haha, you and my little sister are people who should never be pregnant! Even tho she has already been there and done that. Short people shouldn't do that!
No really tho, when are you going to pop out a quintuplet? Sextuplet? Come on, instant family!

BTW, WTH is up with the rat tail?? Do they let him in church with that? Next thing you know it is going to be full on Stand By Me style and he will slick the rest back with grease!

mommy dearest said...

Only in Utah would you read a list that goes on and on like that!! haha. Don't feel left out! Feel FREE to check off those dreams on your "things to do before kids" list! Is it just me or does anybody else have a hard time reading Kari's blog with the light wording on the black background?

Kari said...

light wording on black background should be easy to read, should it not?

Big Z said...

easy for me to read

travisandjoy said...

um, sorry to dissappoint you? haha, but no really, your time will come but in the mean time enjoy your freedom. so, when is it your time though? i thought that was going to be your way of announcing it, haha. oh and i love your title too, it's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

i'm right there with ya sister. i wish you could add me to that list... :( someday..