I'm goin' back to Cali, Cali, Cali

I'm goin' back to Cali. I don't think so. (That's a song for you old people) No, wait, I really am. I'll be there next weekend and the next! (Before and after our cruise)

So I went to California for my cousin's other grandma's funeral, but some exciting things happened. One of my favorites was when all the girls went to see 27 Dresses at the mall. First of all, eight of us were in Lori's sequoia, and we were driving in the parking garage. I saw that behind us was an ambulance, so I told Lori about it. She kept trying to move out of his way, but she wasn't on the RIGHT, so he kept honking at her. Finally she found a place to pull over on the RIGHT, so then he went around. We found a spot then went into the mall, and when we got to the ticket office, there were two guys sitting on the floor with handcuffs with blood all over the floor in front of them. Mandie said she bet it was a fight, but I thought it looked like too much blood for just fists. A girl that worked there told Lori that one gang member saw a guy from another gang and stabbed him. So that's the exciting stuff we got to see in California! It was more exciting than the movie.

My cousin Kelly and I acted like 14 yr old girls during this trip and texted each other while sitting side-by-side in the back of the car. It was top secret stuff we were chatting about. We were referred to as the teenagers, and were not held responsible when we passed the exit on the freeway. Here's some pictures of my new bff and me.

At the beginning of the trip when Kelly looked young. (Disregard me)

At the end of the trip when Kelly looks old. (So she says.)

Grandma: Don't you show that picture to anyone...they'll think I'm retarded!
Eh, she won't know. I think it's funny!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun in Cali! Jelous you're going again. Love your HOBSON at the top! Did you make that on photoshop? Do you care if I copy it? Jocey

Chelsi said...

Several things:
a) LOVE the new header. It's a fave
b) I am jealous. I want another cruise. Have fun!!
c) How do you know Greg and Dana? Dana was my backyeard neighbor growing up...I LOVE her!
d) thanks for completing my survey and not ignoring me

Stacy Girl said...

Ok so on the voting thing, there wasn't a spot for 730am so I thought saying 7am would be lying, seeing as I don't get up that early. .... So I put 8am- is that ok?

P.s. who gets up at 7 or earlier. Geez.... :)

Stephanie said...

sorry. i didnt think it would happen so soon. i wont be posting any pictures til i get get my head out of the toilet long enough to take some.

Lindsay said...

Im still with you on the no baby thing. I have to say I would like to be posting cute baby news, but its not going to be for a while. We can stick together!

CA said...

Kari, CA, Monica and I are reading your blog. You are so right, G'ma will never know that we're all laughing at her picture on the iinternet where millions are laughing too!! I have alot of new blog info when I get home.

jon & whit said...

oh good ol' granny. that's too funny!!! i LOVE cali. we go every summer & i can't wait!!!!!