I'm no cook

So I was in Deseret Book today and decided to look at Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. I want it. It looks like this, and if you see it, you can get it for me. I need to be deceptive, not for my kids that I don't even have, but for me. Maybe I'll check out half.com and see how cheap I can get it...got it for $10 cheaper than the store!


The Piersons said...

What a cool book, let me know if you like it. We ended up not going with oceanview, we got a larger interior. The guy I talked to at Royal said you aren't really goingto spend any time looking out a little plastic window. (valid point). Its just the two of us for right now but we are inviting people to go. Y'all leave on Monday, so exciting. Oh and yes I will eat buffets everyday on the cruise, I heard a rumor about chocolate buffets, fabulous. :)

Anonymous said...

funny, i was just talking about this book yesterday at work! i think i need it because not only kade, but GREG doesn't like to eat veggies. i'll have to talk to you about it.

Big Z said...

Go Mavs...no.
We beat them 2/3 so far this year :)
And we are ahead of them in the conference....so gooooooo JAZZ
I don't follow basketball, but it is fun to go to the games.