I, also, am a thief

Maybe I should work out more.
I love dessert.
People would say that I’m very short.
I don’t understand why I had to take physics and chemistry in hs.
When I wake up in the morning I hurry and turn off the annoying alarm.
I lost my camera into thin air.
Life is full of choices.
My past is full of a younger Kari.
I get annoyed when people pop their gum relentlessly.
Parties are not usually my cup of tea.
I wish I had money to buy a new car.
Dogs are the best.
Cats are dumb.
Tomorrow I'm going to be not so overwhelmed at work. Hopefully.
I have low tolerance for bad grammar.
I’m totally terrified of spiders.
I wonder why some people make certain decisions.
Never in my life have I smoked anything.
High school was in a Catholic school.
When I’m nervous I stutter.
One time at a family gathering I jumped on a balloon to pop it, but instead it rolled, and I fell straight on my head. I tried soooo hard not to cry, and we have it all on video. We sent it to Funniest Home Videos, but they didn't take it.
Take my advice: don't be a lip whore. Or any kind of whore, for that matter.
Making my bed mostly never happens. Mostly.
I'm almost always wearing a bra.
I’m addicted to the internet.
I want someone to give me an awesome job that pays a lot.


Stacy Girl said...

You stutter? That's awesome!

I laughed SO hard about the balloon story. BAHHH I can just imagine it.

Kari said...

I'm sure you've even seen the movie, Stacy.

Clayton and Heidi said...

Cats ARE dumb
dogs ARE best
That is all

oh and I almost never wear a bra

Dana said...

i like these posts! it's fun to see what goes on in the mind of kari! :)

p.s. i hate cats...