Down with Davey

I hate David Archuleta because of the stupid grin that he has below. Ok, I do agree, he has a good voice, BUT he sounds the same all the time. And when he's done singing, he has that dumb grin, and it annoys me! Does he have ANY personality at all? I do realize that he's a kid from Murray, but you know me, I have no Utah pride. He's probably Mormon, but still.

Down with Syesha as well.


katy kathryn julia said...

Boo. He's 17 and new to the stage. Whose voice changes anyway?

Clayton and Heidi said...

Don't tell me you are a david cook fan! Come on Kari I think more of you than that! DC is the one that I can't stand. He is bipolar and has a funky combover. Not only that he is a chis daughtry wannabe. I bet if you had a david archuleta shirt you would be a fan too!!!