And he's dancin like he's never danced before

Spencer got into Rockband...unfortunately I didn't have more memory left on my card to show his better moves. (STUPID OLD CRAPPY CAMERA) Heidi was really good on the guitar, Sara was a natural on the drums, but both girls on the opposite instruments....stick to your own instruments, girls. :)


While we're on the Rockband topic, here's my mom playing with us a while ago. I'd also like to say that I play most songs on hard now, and I have even played a few on expert. Yep. Spencer was taunting me cause he thought it looked easy, but I told him I'd like to see him try. Psh.


Anonymous said...

Too bad you don't have me recorded singing! Spencer is a dancin' fool! That was pretty fun playing with you in your band. I hope you find your good camera soon. It's gotta be around there! Put Olive on it! She needs to use that doggie nose and sniff it out. I wonder how you'd be playing your real guitar now? hmmmmm???

mommy dearest said...

oops, hit the wrong bubble. Should say "Mommy Dearest" as if you didn't know!

A Cheatham said...

Oh I love the song on your site! Cute!

The Piersons said...

Kari I can't believe you do songs on expert!! We are in LOVE with rockband but I rarely venture from easy, I just feel too much pressure that I'm gonna mess up the band. :)

Big Z said...


Yea if Matt didn't tell u, I bought it. Day after u left. Expert is easier on Rockband then it is on Guitar Hero...however there are a few songs that I can't even come close to beating on Expert.