Decapitated AND died

Did you hear about the kid at Six Flags in Georgia that got decapitated by the Batman ride? As I heard on the news, he got decapitated AND died. Good thing he didn't just get decapitated, cause that would be tricky to walk around without your head.

You can see videos about it here.
And read about it here.

Now, Batman is my fave. But I have a feeling that it wasn't the best ride those riders have ever been on. Too bad, cause it's just lovely...when people aren't in the way.

Maybe it's just me, but you probably shouldn't jump fences that say DANGER DO NOT ENTER. Especially when there is a rollercoaster inside that fence.


Jared said...

That's an awesome story. It makes me even more excited to ride it in August.

mommy dearest said...

Ok.....just won't you can say you have two comments.....I read that story too. Yuck! I feel bad for the friend who got to see that! I haven't been on Batman. Should I be afraid?

Chad, Emily & Rayden said...

haha i just read your story and just HAD to post. you're so funny. every time i read something of yours i crack up about something. silly girl! :) how are you and matt doin? still enjoying where you live? what have you been doin to keep busy down there?