Ollie loves her grammy

Yep, I'm one of those people that acts like my dog is my child. You probably already knew that. Chelsi's got my back.




jon & whit said...

that's awesome. i always try to get maya to lick somewhere other than my face, like even my ear or neck. but no, she wants to lick me right in the eye or up the nose, sometimes even my teeth. i treat her like my baby too. i used to hate people like that but then i became one. i can't help it - i just love her SO much!!!

grammy dearest said...

That was fun playing with her. But hey! Where is a picture of her new, beautiful collar from her Grammy?

Chelsi said...

Cute!! I do have your back. I too love On Our Own...it's righteous. I am nervous about the cover...chess? It seems there is risk involved. Hopefully she effing lets someone bite her finally, damnit! Did The Host ever get better for you?