Colorado or bust

I'm so annoyed right now. Everything on this post will probably look all funky cause it's doing the spacing how it wants. I tried. I failed. I'm sorry.

We went to Colorado with Matt's family over the 4th of July weekend, so this is what we looked like during it all...

ready to ride.
so gangster.
not gangsta.
we are rolling.
not rollin.
we are white.
because we love grammar.
ok only i do.
except capitalization.
i do like punctuation.

doc's daughter in back to the future 4

when will i learn?
i did the exact same thing in jackson 2 summers ago.

katharine mcphee -- black horse & the cherry tree is his favorite song.

looking at kari when you're on crack.
or shrooms?
don't know, haven't done em.
click on the pic and see the rainbow things that shoot off my my ring.
that's what the glasses do to the fireworks.

fireworks on crack?
ok all you need are sweet
firework 3Dish glasses.

boring fireworks not on crack.

we're brothers. we're happy and we're singing and we're colored.

going home.

The End.


Chelsi said...

FUN! I totally adore your hair.

Anonymous said...

ouch, ouch, OUCH! your arms are killing me...can't say i haven't been there...dozens of times :( i probably have skin cancer just waiting to pounce...

looks like a fun trip!! :)

mommy dearest said...

Fun! I want some of those "crack" glasses! Those arms are hurtin' me, ouch!