Let's talk about tags, baby

When I was reading Emily's survey, the whole time I was thinking, "This one's hard, don't pick me. But you will." And she did.

8 things that i am passionate about...
1. grammar
2. not driving in the passing lane
3. not having white walls
4. Utah hair being ugly
5. living outside of Utah
6. having a sense of humor
7. internet
8. eating

8 words or phrases i use often...
1. like
2. totally
3. loser
4. mother!
5. olive!
6. this is kari with farm bureau
7. Sit.
8. No!

8 things i want to do before i die...
1. have kids
2. own a house, not just a condo
3. live somewhere cool (london?!)
4. see matt and my kids graduate from college. but not at the same time.
5. travel across europe
6. learn to clean (and keep it up)
7. learn to cook
8. get a california king bed

8 things i have learned from my past..
1. support your best friend even if you don't agree with him or her. i still haven't learned to do it.
2. it can be forgotten.
3. you shouldn't be so harsh. especially on your family members.
4. be wary of girls
5. stay in contact with your friends
6. i was (am?) a spoiled brat
7. i was (am?) psycho
8. stick it out

8 places i would love to go or see..
1. All of Breat Gritain
2. Paris
3. Greece
4. Hawaii
5. heaven to see what everyone's doin'
6. Willy Wonka's factory
7. San Francisco
8. Boston

8 things i currently need or want...
1. 20 billion dollars
2. couches
3. clothes
4. shoes (jessica simpson shoes)
5. a freaking awesome job that i'm freaking awesome at.
6. bras (christmas list, mom!!!!)
7. camera
8. matt to put the molding back in the bathroom

8 people i tag..
1. Stacy
2. Steph
3. Dana
4. Kelly
5. Lori
6. Chelsi
7. Jenn
8. Joy


Kate Coveny Hood said...

Oh - I'm not a fan of memes or tags or whatever either. I like reading the ones other people do - but it's a lot pressure!

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I'm so glad I didn't offend you. When I wrote that post - my blog was just a few weeks old and I figured that my readership consisted of about five of my friends.

I never knew about Utah hair. Interesting...

Steph said...

Why you gotta tag me?! I prob don't have 8 people to tag .. ok wait .. grumpy, happy, dopey, bashful .. lol

Chad, Emily & Rayden said...

i really hope matt isn't still in school when your kids are. that would suck.

Chelsi said...

omh, i totally am too late on this tag. i'll get right on it. i love tags...it's a sickness i think.

Anonymous said...

crap!! i'm tagged!?? i didn't even know! curse you kari... that's what i get for looking at your page!!! hahahaha i loved your answers btw...i'm gonna have to think about this one...it's tough!