When taking pictures of Utah Hair, one needs to be stealthy. You can tell in the following picture that the photographer was trying to capture the astonishing poof, while also being secretive. Good job, photog. And thank you for documenting this atrocity.

Facebookers, join the following group: United World Coalition Against the Utah Poof.


jon and whit said...

did you get any hair pictures from peach days?? i once tried to take a picture of this girl with my phone but i was acting like i was talking on my phone so she wouldn't know... and then it made the big CLICK sound. & to make it worse she was like 'did you just take a picture of me?' so i had to play dumb... SOOO awkward!!! i'm not very good at stealth mode.

Missy said...

The Utah poof exists in Burleson, Texas, too. IT's disturbing!

mandie said...

WTF?!? What IS that thing??