Coolest baby products ever

So I was reading (stalking) some girl's blog about the 10 Worst Baby Products, and I thought most of them were the coolest products ever. Please enjoy.


Buck tooth pacifier. This made me search for other cool pacifiers, which brought me to my future kid's pacifier:

Yeah, buddy!


One word: awesome. (it's a mop. a baby onesie mop.)




I've seen these before, and they're not going to make your daughter a whore if she wears them when she's six months old, stupid.


Chelsi said...

OMG! We're gonna have the coolest babies ever...I agree with you. Well, except for the onsie mop...that's just gross. The knee horse...best idea ever. ever.

The Smith Family said...

Oh my WORD! The mop onsie had me rolling on the ground laughing. It's so funny... who thinks of these things?

The Balmer Family said...

It was great to see you guys the other night, thanks for driving all that way- please visit Oregon sometime ~anytime. Sarah

Steph said...

I freakin love the baby heels .. I saw them on TV too .. if they would've had them when Sadie was a baby I would've for sure bought them!

So .. when are you going to have a baby? Beside's precious Olive? Ha ha .. seriously .. are you getting tired of people asking that?

Ok ... so .. when you gonna find me a man? Ha ha ..... Now that's freakin hilarious!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

These products are hilareous, I had the most boring babies EVER since I had no idea how to use the internet the whole time my kids were in diapers. . . too bad for them.