The apostrophe

It is again time for a grammar lesson.

People love the apostrophe. They especially love to throw it in when a word ends with an s. Please learn this one thing: when you are writing your last name as a plural, it does NOT need an apostrophe.

The following is an example of INCORRECT apostrophe usage:
Happy holiday's! Love, the Hobson's

The following is the CORRECT usage:
Happy holidays! Love, the Hobsons

So when you give your neighbors Christmas treats, you will now do it correctly (And not look like a complete idiot. Score!). And I can rest more easily.


Allison and Noah Riley said...

I SO hear you on this one. I notice that on so many blogs and it takes all I have not to tear my hair out.

The spelling nazi in me, however, cannot help pointing out that apostrophe is spelled with one p. ;)

Pierce and Stacy said...

I hope I never do that... people do that THAT often? Weird. Thanks for the lesson. Your the bestest grammer mastur EVR!

Kari said...

Allison, what an idiot I am. :) I hoped that I didn't do something hypocritical, but luckily my rant wasn't about spelling...stupid stupid stupid!

And yes, Stacy, I see it allllll the time. Thus the need for a post. I'm like the prophet. I address issues that need addressing. haha. Was that bad?

Jared said...

thank you for posting that.
Happy Holidays! Love Jared Sagers
blogmaster of Jared Sagers's blog. You are one of Jared Sagers's best friends. Jared Sagers's heart is filled with joy that you two are friends.

Anonymous said...
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Kari said...

Whatever, Dana, it wasn't directed at anyone!

Grandma Duffy said...

And I thought it was a crisis when raising my kids and doing their laundry and had to turn all their shirts right side out. What was I thinking?

travisandjoy said...

We have a santa bag in our house with our last name on it. I immediately went over to make sure there was no apostrophe. phew! i'm in the clear. ...which reminds me, i need your address again. I did christmas cards this year! whoo hoo!

Natalie said...

Ha! Those of us who have last names that end in an "s" anyways don't have to worry about this. But then you get into all sorts of questions about possesive forms and where to put the apostrophe then.


I'll have to be more careful about that.

Cazier Family said...

Feel free to edit my blog. I suck at this crap, but I know what you mean! The other day I ordered some vinyl. I wanted it to say, “a legacy of love and traditions” what I got was “a legacy of love and tradition’s” I was so pissed about the apostrophe.