Baby Appt Dos

Today was my second baby docta visit, and like ten minutes before I was going to leave work, they called to reschedule cause my doctor had an emergency c-section. Boo. But they just got me another doctor ten minutes later at the clinic closer to my house, so ain't no thang. I didn't care who checked me out...I had an appointment, and I wanted to get it done with. I lost weight since last time. Oops. I guess I'm supposed to stop that. I'll blame it on the shoes that I wore when I weighed in last time. (If she noticed the shoes, she probably wondered if I was really 12.) The NP was also trying to find its heartbeat and couldn't, so I wondered if it was dead (not really...I'm sure I'd have other problems if that were true), but we saw it all movin' and shakin' with an ultrasound. She said my uterus is probably tilted back...is that bad? She said no, but I swear I've heard people that have needed a c-section because of that. Maybe not. But I'm not anti c-section at all. Bring it on...it's cool with me. My ultrasound this time around was kinda lame, so I won't post it. I tell ya...those FUN up the wazoo ultrasounds are much better!...looking.

Do you like how I call it an it? Me too.

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Pierce and Stacy said...

Oooh, that's exciting. How/why are you losing weight?! I still can't believe you're pregnant. Ahhh! Do you have any names picked out?