Nine Lives

I always thought Brandon had nine lives. When I was googling him, I found this article. Funny! It didn't describe the full awesomeness, though. So back...apparently almost 13 years ago, my brother was hiking with his friend. He thought he was in one place that he was familiar with, but he was really somewhere else, and he came across some loose gravel. He started sliding on the gravel and ended up falling off the cliff and landing in small rocky area. (He claimed to have flipped on the way down.) He cracked his spleen (that's what I heard...is that even possible?) and a rock jabbed into his side. Supposedly his doctor could stick his pointer and middle fingers straight in the hole. SICK! Here's a picture of his incision after his spleen surgery. He was pissed cause it didn't turn out too straight. Looking at the picture is fine, but seeing it in real life made me wanna barf.


Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Wow, that is one crazy sick scar. He fell of a 40 feet?! I am so freaked out about stuff like that. I always stay far away from the edge.

Grandma Duffy said...

I google Bruce, too.

Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Good thing I can edit... "He fell of a 40 feet?!" What the crap?!