Personally, I prefer my men without chest hair

I was going through some pics on my computer and came across this screenshot that I emailed to my hot cousin, Greg.

This is why I thought he'd be particularly interested:

can you guess which one he is?


Stacy said...


Only 31 days to go!!!!!

Stacy said...

Sorry, I'm back again. I looked at all 101 pictures.... Jordan called and I kept laughing and finally she was like, "What? What are you laughing at?" funny, funny.

And are you allergic to metal earrings or something, or the nickel? Yeah, maybe we could design and make plastic ones, or just buy them... either way, I like plastic better. The metal kind of hurts my ears too. But I wore them today and got a lot of comments.

Hey, when can we see you guys? Want to do a Gateway date again or something like that?!

mandie said...

Greg is flattered.

Sarahn and Cade Mund said...

Oh my crap. That's hilarious! Sethy (mine broda) would totally do that! We actually waxed a heart in the middle of his chest...so essentially the opposite. Gross.

Dana said...

*hilarious :P i love it :P