Flashback Friday

This is for all the people that said I had an easy pregnancy.

These are never before seen pictures.

It looks like the fluid that was swelling up my feet was swelling up my face!


Pierce and Stacy said...

That's what I looked like when I got stung by the wasp.

Who said you had an easy pregnancy? Pregnancy is not easy, period. (I wouldn't know, but I can only imagine)

Love you and your cute 'little' body!

Jaci said...

you deserve a gold medal girl!
yes, I'm in the c-section club too. It is a big club for the 57th ward girls huh?

Sarahn said...

Bless your heart.

mommy dearest said...

My poor baby! You were about to pop.

brad said...

Good Gravy! These are freakin huge...and I should be careful because you'll be saying this about me soon, but seriously, I don't remember you looking that, um, uncomfortable (?)!!!

The Smith Family said...

K, you weren't kidding when you said that you got swollen. I'm so sorry! That is so not fun! Way to stick it out!