Looks good to me

I'm not gonna lie. This is Why You're Fat has some good lookin' stuff. (Crazy, maybe, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't try them.)

Bottom: pumpkin pie inside a spice cake
middle: apple pie inside a yellow cake
top: cherry pie inside a white cake,
all surrounded by cream cheese frosting.


Alex and Kerri said...

I see nothing wrong with any of this. Then again...I don't eat pie so it wouldn't be as tempting to me as to, say, my husband :)

Pierce and Stacy said...

Yes, I agree. YUMM-AY!

Chelsi said...

um, yes!! totally trying this, but individual layers. i'll let you know how it goes

mommy dearest said...

I guess I just don't like pie enough to think that looks very tasty. Layers of different cakes, yep.

Cazier Family said...

Yes, they are his kids.