Does this make me really lame?

Sometimes I want to be real life friends with women whose blogs I read. But they probably just have good online personalities and lame real life personalities. But then again, maybe not.

Do you know anyone that has a nice real life personality and then their online personality is not your favorite? It's weird.

I wonder where I fall. Maybe both of my personalities suck. :) I think Matt may like my real life personality. So I got that.

I could watch Garden State right now.

I'm tired. And when I'm tired, I ramble.


Anonymous said...

I like you Kari :P Can we be "real life friends"? I saw Matt tons today, but not you :( How are you?

P.S. I want to squish Beck's little cheeks... he's SO cute!

The Smith Family said...

I like reading your blog. You're funny in real life and online. Me on the other hand.... that's all I'll say!

Chelsi said...

i like your real personality. however, i do think i've gotten to know you more online, as you have me, but i definitely think it could transfer to real life. i'm with you though, i stopped following some of my friends' blogs bc i hate their online personality. no names will be mentioned, but mostly it's bc all they do is bitch about their kids and it makes me want to rip off their faces.

Jaci said...

I agree! I hate when I have an awesome online friend and then we go to lunch and the conversation stinks!! Why does this happen?