Physical reaction to drinking more water

Remember how I posted about how much water a woman should drink daily? Well I'm not drinking 91 ounces, but I am drinking much more than I normally do (I'm probably drinking half that.). And get this: I PEE more. Imagine that!

Update: I just announced to Matt that "my pee is almost clear!" Am I too excited about that?

You are WELCOME for the TMI!

This post is dedicated to Kathryn Julia.


Clayton and Heidi said...

Peeing is such a waste of time. Im my next life we will not pee. Oh and ice cream will be good for you.

Chelsi said...


Abby Wright said...

Peeing is a topic of discussion for us in our house. Jared is constantly asking me...what color is your pee, every morning to make sure I am drinking enough water for the baby...sadly I havent seen clear pee in MONTHS.

mommy dearest said...

Clear is good......i think.

Stacy Thiot said...

Clear is WAY good. WAY.TO.GO!

Why katy? :(

Is that girl holding scissors? Scary!