Oh Em Gee

I'm kind of embarrassed of that title. Just know that I'm joking. I don't really say that. (But I do think it's funny when people do. Stacy...)

1. I'm not into St. Patrick's Day.
2. The other day I randomly thought, "Maybe I shouldn't eat candy or dessert for three months to see if I miraculously get skinnier." Well, today I was thinking that the idea was stupid. 

This might change me.

Bakerella is all about cake balls. I made them for the Super Bowl, and everyone loved them. I was just reading her latest post about St. Patrick's Day cupcakes, then she showed these green red velvet cake balls. My thoughts? Oh. My. Gosh. (That emphasis with the periods was for you, Mom.) I may have to celebrate St. Patty's Day this year and abandon the no candy/dessert shenanigans.


Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

That's crazy talk. No candy/desserts?! I have a serious sweet tooth and have to have something sweet every day or I think I'd die. Those look delicious and you should definitely indulge.

Mandi said...

Hey there blog creeper. what a relief that I'm not the only one. Thanks for the flying pee warning...I'm still in the blissful/ just found out stage...a little reality is nice.

Elise said...

i love love those cake balls...heaven! I made some once a long time ago...I think I need to make some more..thanks for inspiring me!

Chelsi said...


jill said...

did you make them? I haven't made Cakeballs/pops before but I have used her recipe for red-velevet, not too shappy at all.