Less is more

A mullet wasn't enough. Matt needed steps. Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of steps on the internet? We couldn't really find any. So Jared just winged it. Wung it. He just went for it.

Yesterday a wonderful thing happened. Bye bye, mullet. (I liked to pronounce it muh-lay.)


Lindsey said...

That is awesome! My nephew is a senior in high school and he has steps right now, but only on one side! I think it's so funny. It really is a perfect look for Nascar though... or a demolition derby.

Clayton and Heidi said...

In his teen years Clayton once had 4 hairstyles at once
1. mullet
2. side steps
3. side spike
4. perm

All. At. Once.
Only in Tremonton

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

wow... he would... I wish i could have seen the mullet. But glad that's it's gone now!

Chelsi said...

and i thought mustache march was bad...

Jared said...

They look great in those pics. I got a little impressed with myself.