A quarter of a century

Did you know it was my birthday this past Monday? (Of course you did.) On Saturday I had a swim party at my aunt and uncle's house in Orem where I learned Ashley is my only friend. (Jared, you suck!) My mom and aunt were creative with the candles...8+3+single candles...but it ended up with only 24 candles. I counted. Several times. 'Cause* I don't trust my counting abilities. I was an English major for a reason.

Beck aka Benjamin Button

My mom caught me in a weird blinking/wishing moment.

Wanna see last year's post about how I was ripped from the womb? Go here.

*I will now always put an apostrophe before cause when I mean because because I got an email from my dad about my grammar hypocrisy. Hasn't he learned that I do what I want, and I criticize/judge others for what I want? Yeah, I'm a hypocrite. But aren't we all?


Shannon said...

You are a funny blogger. I like reading your posts. :)

Foxy said...

Just saw your comment on my blog about age...and to avoid causing offense to anyone (I really love the woman who posted that comment) I HATE when people say I look 16. I'm 24. It's really NOT a compliment. Haha!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday! And that was so funny about the beer.

Chelsi said...

once again, happy birthday, whore.