Matt’s Minutes

What is this blog thing?  I haven’t figured it out.  What attracts people to post their life on the World Wide Web?  If you want to know what’s going on, dive in, so they say. Or maybe I’m the only one who says that because I just slaughtered the real saying.

Here I go, I will title my blog “What’s this all for?”

I have taken up the hobby of bicycle riding.  I pull on my spandex, strap on my shoes, buckle my helmet and strut out the door hoping none of my neighbors will see me.  If waving to neighbors as I ride off isn’t painful enough, pedaling for a hundred miles will hurt.  Pedaling and pedaling over and over, again and again, what’s this all for?

Cows begin to give you an evil eye, “moooove it scrawny human.”

“Shove it heifer!” I scream thinking how funny it would be if someone were listening.

Birds don’t sing beautiful melodies, they whistle at me as if I were a tall gorgeous woman walking past a construction site wearing nothing but tight sexy spandex.

Dogs come out to the road to greet me or to sink their teeth in to my boney little legs. 

“Back off bitch.” (sorry about the language, but that’s whad I say.) After that I usually pull my shoulders up over my ears and look around to make sure no one was listening.

The wind whispers sweet nothings in my ear that I can’t repeat here on this blog.  Worse than the choice word I used above. 

I don’t always find delight in getting out and exercising.   I don’t love to climb huge mountains just to get to the top.  I don’t value the exercise I can get by pedaling everywhere I go.  Is this all worth it?   Is there something that will make this all worthwhile?

Measured Progress:

Turn up the Road Pod it’s time to ride.


Editor's notes: I asked Matt over and over and over if he really wanted me to put that top picture on or if he wanted me to crop it, but he said, "No! It's funny!" And then I giggled. A lot.


Amy said...


Stacy Thiot said...

hahaha. hahaha. hahaha. WOW. I want to get into cycling.. look how SEXY my legs could be! I would obviously get a tanning pass at the same time, but seriously?! Look at those muscles. You make me jealous Matt, or should I say.. Kari. :)


mommy in law dearest said...

Ok, tell the truth. Are those Matt's legs or Eric Heiden's? (Not sure who he is? An Olympian cyclist who had enormous thighs.) Congrats, Matt on beefing up those legs......and your heart!! Move over, here comes Matt!

Jen said...

It's probably weird that I comment here, seeing as how I don't REALLY know either of you and there's a lot of leg involved...but that was funny post. I laughed for a long time.
"Back off bitch."

Mandi said...

yike-a-ramba. a couple inches more...

Chelsi said...


Grandma Duffy said...

you are very cool Matt. Thanks for posting! Good luck on the ride.

Fred said...

Matt is hot to trot!

Clayton and Heidi said...

I almost feel as if I was looking at porn:)