A vast improvement

I have been growing my bangs out for so long. It was nice when they were finally long enough to tuck behind my ear without them falling back instantaneously. I had debated going for bangs again, but I held to the rod. Does that work in this situation? No? I love stupid Mormon humor. Well looky what I did.

This isn't the best picture cause it's like 12:30 am and I've slept on them and stuff, but me gusta mucho. Mucho! Thanks to all my facebook buddies that talked me into it. I owe my incomprehensible beauty to you. And to Ashley for bangin' me. Not like that, sickos!!!!


Anonymous said...

i hate this debate myself.. but on you? LOVE THEM!!!

Chelsi said...

yay for bangs! you look totally bitchin'.

JMay said...

They look AWESOME on you lady :-)

Anonymous said...

i really like your bangs, but i popped over here because i was dying laughing at your comment on busy bee...or bushy bee.

super cute blog. :)


Lady Fromage said...

Love! I went through the same thing and am currently struggling with the to bang or not to bang question myself... I just might go for it now!

-Lady Fromage

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

i dont knnw why I havent seen this post till now.... but you are welcome for the bangin' haha