Day 4

I was talking to Mandeigh today and during our conversation, I realized my life's motto.

I love cake.

Every holiday/dinner/celebration needs a cake. Here's my Joey impersonation: Birthday cake? Gooood. Wedding cake? Goooood. Hmmm what other cakes are there? I don't know. 

The other day I was telling Matt that the stupid part of Thanksgiving is the pie. So he said I should make a pumpkin cake. Perhaps I will. Perhaps a pumpkin chocolate chip buuuundt cake! (Please say bundt like the lady in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.) I say this because I recently decided that I love (LOVE) pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I think they might be my favorite cookie. I'm thinking about them so much right now that I may have to change my life's motto. This is really shaking me up, so I'm just going to focus on my love for cake. 

Noteworthy cakes:

- Aunt Linda's Fudge Cake from the Cheesecake Factory. If you love chocolate, get it.
- Funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting
- red velvet
- cake balls
- most any cake unless it includes nuts or warm pineapple or any other food that I don't enjoy

(Does anyone wonder why my baby weight didn't come off automatically?)

My wedding cake/groom's cake was really good. Each layer was different and equally delish. (Maybe not the carrot cake layer, but blame that on Matt.) Too bad some of it was wasted when it went up my nose. (Again, blame that on Matt.)

If you haven't figure this out yet, today I am thankful for cake (and that I don't have any in my house right now because I'd eat it all). Tomorrow may be pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.


Mandi said...

yummmmm....cake balls.

Chelsi said...

i love that picture. i love your wedding. remember when we were both getting married? that was fun.

Amy + Justin said...

my thoughts:
1. beck has a great belly. plus awesome chubby legs. adorable.
2. why does everyone (except the nursing mother) think the boppy is around for their own personal comfort. I cringe at the sight of one of those. reminds me of sore boobs and spit up all over my clean shirt.
3. it seems like we would benefit from living close to each other. If beck and jonas didn’t get along, I know emilio and olive would. they both seem to lack any concept of personal space. plus they both look good in shirts.
4. I am obsessed with pumpkin deserts. I’ve made pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast every day this week. If you’re interested, I found the recipe on allrecipes.com

Alex and Kerri said...

Thank you for knowing the difference between funfetti frosting and rainbow chip. Our wedding cake was funfetti with rainbow chip frosting. It was pretty much amazing :-) I really love cake too and will probably have to now go eat some

Amy said...

I think I'm making a pumpkin cake with a brown sugar frosting for thanksgiving this year. It has a pecan praline in between the layers and sprinkling the top but someone who didn't like nuts could easily leave that out. But a pumpkin chocolate chip bundt sounds fabulouso as well.