Day 6

Whoops, almost forgot, but I'm still awake, so this counts toward the right day.

Today I am thankful that we got family pictures done for the first time! (That's not entirely true because we got family pics done with Matt's family four years ago, but they sucked, so I don't consider them real family pictures.) My friend Stacy took our pictures a little while ago, and today she put a lot of them on her blog. While I'm not in love with the dress I wore and how it doesn't flatter a certain part of me that I hate, I still like them and can't wait to print some and have pictures on display that aren't from our wedding. Finally! ("it happened to me. right in front of my face and i just can't describe it." are those the right lyrics?)

Here are some of my favorites:

We couldn't kiss publicly in a serious way. 
I don't know if we can kiss privately in a serious way.

Thanks, Stussy!


Shelley said...

These are WAY cute! I love your hair!

Melly said...

Those turned out real cute. And I think your outfit is very flattering.

Jen said...

I love family pictures. If I had my way I'd get our family pictures done every month. :)

P.S. Matt is a lucky dude.

The Fraziers said...

I love em! Great colors too!! I really like the one of Beck in black and white where you two are blurred in the background.

Abby Wright said...

Such cute photos!!

Jake said...

Great pictures. You look so grown up.... ;)