Sorry, I haven't been very thankful lately. Oops.

I just came across this blog post about punctuation tattoos, and I thought this one was funny. Someone mentioned in the comments that the shape of the opening quotation mark should look like a 66. That sucks. Could you see Joey Tribbiani getting those? (Jen, I'm counting on you to understand all the Friends references I make on my blog.)

Another person made a comment that said, "I have a tattoo of an apostrophe behind my ear which is very important for me because I am a member of the Apostrophe Protection Society. Sticklers unite and remember that apostrophes are for possessives, not plurals." Sounds like the tattoo for me, eh? (She must not be a stickler for commas.)

How did I find this blog post? Oh just the normal way: google searched images of "bell jar," which took me here.


mandie said...

went to the website. perused tats. can't wait until "tough girl's" boobs sag over her tat.

Jen said...

Wait a second...did I just get mentioned on your blog? Me? And Joey? Boo-ya.
Of course I get all the references (it's sad really) but I love them just the same.

"Come'on Ross, what would a dinosaur do?"

P.S. I'm always a little paranoid about posting a comment because I'm thinking, "Did I use correct grammar? Will Kari call me out on it?" :)

Chelsi said...

remember when i made comma cookies?