Day 23

A travel story

In May 2005, most of the girls on my mom's side of the family went to Italy. There were nine of us, one was pretty pregnant, and another had a baby. Oh, and my grandma was 81 or 82. Either way, she was old. (None of you better show her this post and what I wrote!!)

Here we are, minus Kaylene, in an awesome hotel. 
Was it the Ritz? Whatever it was, it was awesome, and we got to stay in it thanks to Carol.

At the Colosseum.
I was so hot in that shirt, and please notice I was staying In Touch.

No clue why we took a picture here. I think it was in Florence.
Missing CA.

Posing by all of our luggage. Minus CA again.

And now for my story. Oh I'm going to have to tell a couple stories about this trip. We were going to take a train from one city to the next, and the train was going to leave very soon, so we all just jumped into the nearest car, and the train left. Then we realized we were ten cars away from where we were supposed to be. So all nine of us, with all our luggage, had to walk to ten cars. That's a lot. When we'd go into the next car, everyone would stare at us. In one car, they all clapped and cheered, "Bella bonita!" when they saw the baby (Ansley) because she's so fair, with blue eyes and blonde hair. She turned heads everywhere we went. It was weird. Anyway, if you've ever been on a train like this, you know that when you need to get to the next car, you push a button so the doors slide open, you're in the middle, and you push another button for the other side to open. This is pretty tricky when you you have luggage and/or a baby and/or a stroller. I was one or two people behind my grandma while she was trying to get through the doors, and I think she was leaning forward as she tried to get the stroller (with no baby in it) through the doors. While she was bent over, the doors shut on her head! I couldn't stop laughing, and I turned around to the rest of my group, saying, "Grandma's head got shut in the door!" and laughed a lot more. The doors also shut on my aunt's foot as she tried to stop them from shutting, but that wasn't as funny.

Was that funny? Or did you have to be there?

I don't remember my other story now. Well bye!