18 : Something you regret

I don't feel like I have many serious regrets. I guess I've gotten over most things. I'll try to think of some.

I regret ordering my couch in a brownish gray instead of a gray gray.
I regret painting my living room green.
I regret not listening to the paint people when they told us to get primer for our red walls.
I regret the paint I used when I painted our kitchen cabinets.
I regret the paint I chose for my bathroom. I'm in the middle of painting it for the 4th time, I think.
I regret not transferring my Gold's Gym membership sooner.
I regret being confused when I took the picture for my license.
I regret ever watching Anchorman.
and You Don't Mess with the Zohan.
and The Waterboy.
and Jon Heder movies.

K I'm done thinking. Bye.

1 comment:

Chelsi said...

you've made me scared to paint.