5 : Your Siblings

I have two brothers.

Here's Ryan. I call him Rojo (because he has red hair, but it's not so red anymore).

(not beck)

Here's Brandon. We called him Brando. He died September 9, 2007. This is a picture of a collage we put together for his funeral.


Jordan said...

Cute pictures! I love the picture of Ryan feeding Beck.
Thanks for commenting about my hair. It doesn't always look great though. In fact, it mostly doesn't look great, but it makes me happy when you say it does. :)

The Fraziers said...

I had no idea you had a brother with red hair. Sweet! Pretty sure the best picture of Brandon in the collage is of you editing his privates.

Chelsi said...

So cute. You can tell they love their little sis. Ps. Hugs.