My friend Chelsi wrote an awesome blog post about adoption and abortion. Check it out. It's goooood, and I agree with everything she said.

This reminded me of a Private Practice I watched a few weeks ago where a young girl with Down Syndrome got pregnant, and her mom decided to abort the baby because she couldn't go through raising another baby. Can anyone explain to me why those were the only two options? Give the baby up for adoption!!!

I just googled abortion for images, and they made me close to crying. Here's a good one, though:


tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

I read her post. It IS really good. Abortion is just not right. It makes me so so so so so mad. The part in her post when she mentioned in igh school that she watched an ultrasound of an abortion. Ah, that would scar me for life as well.
When I was in Jr high I did a report on partial birth abortion, and that was just sickening to me. It's just horrible. I really believe that they should be charged withh first degree murder.

Chelsi said...

thanks for the shout out! i was preparing myself for many heated comments but instead all i received were good ones from you and your friends. thanks for helping me be brave. :)

Michelle said...

Kari thanks for this post! I loved reading your friend Chelsi's thoughts on abortion. I am alive because my very young birth mom chose adoption over abortion! I can't imagine all the happy couples and children there could be out there if more people would choose adoption over abortion.
She was right in saying two wrongs don't make a right in dealing with rape! I've never thought of it this way. Thanks for the insight.

The Piersons said...

I really enjoyed the post, thanks for putting up. I agree that people only see having the baby or abortion as an option. So sad when there are SO many people waiting to adopt babies. I have friends who have waited for years. It breaks my heart.

Also, still laughing about the fruit and chocolate. Too funny! We are both chocolate around here.