Things that make me happy. At the moment.

The screaming kids outside of my house while Beck is sleeping are NOT THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY. They are totes ruining this post.

Ok, in no specific order...

Afrin. This is magic in a bottle without a genie. I tried it in January with less-than-awesome results, and this time I used the heavy duty stuff. At first I scream "It burns! Oh it burns!" but then in a little while, I'm breathing in and out without it sounding disgustingly juicy. And I can say I'm fine instead of find. That comes in handy when I'm trying to seduce Matt.

Our new Dyson. A couple weeks ago, against my better judgement, we bought a Dyson. It was almost 50% off, I've been annoyed at our current vacuum, and Matt said DO IT! So I did. I bought it online and picked it up at Sears a couple hours later. I can't believe the dog hair that ends up in the canister. That's the best part. You can see everything you suck up. I keep saying that I can't believe that Olive's not naked with all the hair I keep vacuuming up. Isn't vacuum such a weird word? Anyway, if only the Kirby guys that came by a few months ago knew about this. They are the ones that inspired my longing for a new vacuum, more specifically a Kirby. But since I don't want to go into debt for a vacuum (they thought this idea was preposterous), I sold out and bought a much cheaper vacuum that is likely ripping my carpet apart. You win some, you lose some.

The thought that my Nike+ SportBand will come soon. Since I don't have a cool phone that has cool apps, this little cutie will tell me how far I run. I'm gonna be that really cool person that wears two watches. One will be this, and the other will be my Polar heart rate monitor/calorie counter. COOL. (how many times did I write cool? four. how many were sarcastic cools? two.)

And that's all the happiness I can muster for now. It was really descriptive happiness.


Jen said...

Oh I want a Dyson. I hear they are fabulous. Plus dog hair REALLY grinds my gears.

P.S. Don't you think we need a sarcastic font? So you don't need to explain when you type "cool?"

The Fraziers said...

A good vacuum is quite nice to have. Someday we'll have one... We rent, so pretty much I don't give a crap as to whether it's ripping up the carpet or not. I'm sure I will when it's my own carpet.

That Nike SportBand does seem pretty cool! It looks small too which would be a definite plus for me.

Chelsi said...

i like you...like so much.

Heidi L. (Affair with Color) said...

I bought the Dyson 6 or 7 years ago and I still love it, I'm a huge fan. It's crazy how much "stuff" you vacuum up. We got new carpet 4 or 5 months ago, at first the vacuum was mostly empty but within the last 2 months I was surprised how quickly the animal hair can build up, I vacuum at least twice a week, so to fill the canister each time is kind of gross but at least I know it's doing its job!