Happy birthday, Olivia Newton John Collmar Hobson

My little pup is four. We're in Texas now, and we've been trying to get the dogs to be friends. For the most part, they're ok, but sometimes the B in Olive comes out, and she kind of attacks Harley. That surprised us because Harley has been the not-so-friendly dog in my life.

 I'm lazy and just took a picture of her with my mom's laptop.

Here's cute little Harley.

I was thinking of taking Olive to the park to go swimming in the pond. We did that the other day, and I have some pictures of her doing it, but I'm lazy and don't feel like getting them from Matt's phone. 

Oh, and here's Beck. 

He's like, "Whaaaa? That's me?"

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Chelsi said...

Happy birthday Olive! Hopefully the dogs can become friends soon. Are you doing okay? How is Texas? How is Matt? Beck looks like he's good. How much are you selling your Condo for?