About a month ago, Matt noticed that my mom's tree was splitting in half, kind of. One of two main branches was splitting off of the tree, and it looked like it was going to fall onto the fence and maybe the AC units. Tonight we had a big storm with a tornado warning. We rushed home from a church activity that was called off early, and my mom's neighbor called her to say that the branch was splitting farther. We went out to look, and yeah, big time. Last time we looked, you could barely see through it. I decided to take pictures of the progress, so here they are. 

using Beck's sand/water play thing umbrella

(I couldn't tell what I was taking a picture of...)

It was pretty exciting and interesting. I happened to be wearing my heart monitor, so I checked my heart rate after it was all done because I could tell it was going fast. It was up to about 112. ha. (I probably couldn't handle being a photographer of crazy stuff if this falling tree got me so excited.) It happened a lot slower and nicer than we expected, so for now there hasn't been any damage. It just slowly went down and rested on the fence. I'll have to take pictures tomorrow when it's light.


mommy dearest said...

You did a great job taking pictures in the dark and rain. The tree is bigger in real life, don't you think? It was exciting and loud! But my pretty tree isn't so pretty anymore.

Jen said...

Good luck with all those tornado warnings. Kind of scary, no?

Natalie said...

I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... scared! Love the Saved by the Bell post. Oh Zach, be still my elementary heart.