It's back

The freezer paper stencil bug came back. I had it before having Beck, and it returned. Here's what I've done recently:

First, sorry that my photography skills suck. You might just have to deal with it because photography just isn't up there on my list of interests. Now, looking at myself looking marvelous after YOU take MY picture and work your magic? That's an interest of mine.

Second, I realize that all of these but one have the same design. I was kind of lazy, but I'm prepared to explore now. Spread my wings. Take my knife to different parts of the paper.

Third, isn't my model cute? I get him to smile like that by saying something that I also say to Harley to get her to do one of her tricks. "Show your teeth!" and then I show him what I want him to do, and he does it. I've said it a hundred times: kids and dogs are so alike. So far.


Pierce + Stacy Thiot said...

THAT'S why you're such a good mom... you had practice with a dog long before the baby came. Ahhh! I get it! :)

I will take your pictures :)

And I love it. The shirts, designs and the model.

Jen said...

Kids are like dogs...except dogs potty train way faster.

Chelsi said...

love them. are you with child? those look a little small for beck. glad to hear kids are like dogs...i'm counting on it.