It's like I can't stop being a badass

My grandpa's surprise 85th birthday party was on Saturday, and my mom was in charge of the cake. She had been planning on ordering one, but I had seen so many cool cakes on Pinterest that I wanted to try making it ourselves.



First we baked four cakes, froze them, and used an electric knife to cut them into sixths.

Then we cut the curved tops off and stuck them together with lemon curd. This is called cake masonry.

Then we covered it with a coat of frosting. The crumbs made it look like funfetti.

Then we (my mom) covered it with another coat. Sounds like we're painting. B.e.a.utiful.

This is the best picture I have of the inside. Sorry it's not too pretty. Next time, we'd make the layers thinner so you could get a slice of more colors.

It was a success. Everyone oohed and ahhed, and we have a LOT of cake to feast on for a while.


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I had fun creating this cake with you!! Let's do another one......