I hear that Texans are a fat people.

I think I know why. We have good food. Good bad food.

Beck at Salt Lick

When our friend Jared was here, we had to go to the cool places to eat. I had just read about the Salt Lick in a magazine on the plane and other people recommended it. I do not. A letdown for sure. It's supposed to be great barbecue, but Smokey Mo's was better. And Rudy's. Oh I almost forgot Rudy's.

Rudy's is in a gas station. At least this one was. And you don't have plates! They give you this crappy bread to make sandwiches, but I just ate my meat by itself. Texas is not for vegetarians. Except my brother was once. And a vegan for a while. My aunt made some kind of amazing meat for Christmas dinner, and he was like, "That looks too good!" so he ate it and got so sick. And that's a lesson on why you should never be a vegetarian.

Round Rock Donuts. I saw this place on Man Vs. Food, and I knew I had to go. They cut out their Texas donuts with a bucket. A BUCKET!!! Not a let down at all, and the fact that we've been there four or five times proves this. The only other place we've been more is DQ because I love their Chocolate Xtreme mini blizzards. Yeah, I've gained seven pounds.

Texas-shaped tortilla chips!

My aunt, cousin, and grandma planned a trip to visit my mom, and my other aunt and cousin surprised her. We went to Babe's Chicken. I knew this one wouldn't let me down because everyone I know loves it. My mom and Matt are missing from this picture because they're behind the cameras.

Texas State Fair. Each year that I lived in Utah, I would see what crazy fried food my friends were eating at the fair because they'd post about it on Facebook. Since I now live in the state again, I knew I had to go. Food ordered: turkey leg (good), fried cheesecake (not very cheesecakey), fried brownie (it was ok), funnel cake (I scarfed it even though it was "Matt's"), and my mom got some kind of weird nut ice cream bar thing (didn't try it, but she liked it). I wish I tried the fried Oreos and/or fried Snickers. There's always next year.

There was a self serve frozen yogurt/soft serve ice cream/custard place in Utah called Farr's Fresh in Riverdale. It had these weird orange-yellow fish egg-looking things called bobu fruit. They are liquid in a thin skin, so when you bite down, it gushes. (Much like some women's water as they go into labor.) We always look for them at frozen yogurt places, but we never find them. Until now. They had strawberry weirdo things here. They're so crazy. If you ever find 'em, try 'em. But maybe you won't now that you relate them with birth.

And that is a post all about food.

P.S. Here's another place I forgot.


mommy dearest said...

Kari, that was one, funnnnnny post! I was laughing very hard at the description of "breaking water." Now I know why I've gained weight too. I was with you eating at all these places, except the donut place. That one I have to try during my next visit there. Now, I'm going to go munch on a carrot. boring.

Chelsi said...

Well they say everything is bigger in Texas. I'm glad you're back again; I know how much you missed it. And it's not like we ever for realsies hung out anyway. :) It's a good thing I don't live there. I'd be Paula Dean. She's so fabulous.

Clint said...

Dayum. Those donuts look de-lish. Ever notice how Utah has NO good places for donuts? It might be because there's not many Asians--seems like the TX ones are mostly Asian-owned. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'll stop talking now.

Fred said...

Jealous! Maybe we will have to come over soon...