Lack of blogging and amazing people

Wow, I have been on a huuuuge blogging break, haven't I? I kind of see blogging as a huge drag, but I feel like I have to do it because it's cool to look back at later. It's kind of journalish but without the deep thoughts and feelings like, "I ♥ Matt! He is sooooo cute!" And sometimes my blog is somewhere for me to put cool stuff that I doesn't fit on facebook or pinterest.

Speaking of cool stuff, some people are amazing. You know how Facebook is going over to the timeline thing? I was thinking about how I can't do a cool connecting picture thing now without the picture tiles at the top, but man are there cool things you can do with the new layout. You just have to think outside the box.


Anonymous said...

Those timelines are pretty awesome. I looked and saw you did it. I haven't converted yet. I don't see how my life would consitute as cool enough I guess :P Hope you are well!

Chelsi said...

Cool! Yours is way fetch

Jen said...

I think everyone is on a blogging break. It's getting to the point where you have to force yourself to to it.

Am I the only one who wants FB to stay the same?

Erin said...

so it never even hit me to do something this cool. now my brain is totally cranking.

thanks for the comment, kari, and for the FB inspiration. :) and you're right, we basically watch elmo all summer long. last summer was absolutely unbelievably gross. but you live in north austin, and austin is one of my favorite places. so that's fun.