Talking to crazy

Matt always falls asleep before I do, and I'm not a very nice person, so I often wake him up when I have a question about something. Here's the conversation we just had.

Me: I should go put the clothes in the dryer. And I guess I should wash more clothes. How long can clothes sit in a washer?
Matt: it depends.
Me: on what?
Matt: on what you want in the pictures.
Me: what pictures?
Matt: the one of you and number nine.

Question answered.


Pop Up Videos

These videos have no pop ups, but how many of you sang that title in the VH1 Pop Up Videos melody? Is that the right word? Melody? I don't like that word very much. It also reminds me of a character from Hey Dude.

These two videos go together to prove that dogs and kids are practically the same thing.

Beck wasn't into doing the gestures with the song, so this was the best I could get.

Austin is America's largest urban bat colony (according to this site). We've seen the bats from above and below the Congress Bridge in downtown Austin (below was better), but one night as we were driving home on the freeway from somewhere, we saw tons of bats. We turned around to see them from under the bridge they were flying out from, and I got a video. You can't hear them very well (or at all, maybe), and it's a real shame you can't smell them. When I felt their pee falling into my window, I was done.

Lastly, Beck and the Spice Girls will entertain you for a few seconds.


The Color Run. FAIL.

Because of smart phones and Instagram, blogging is kind of over for me. I also don't take many pictures with my other camera because it just isn't as handy when you can't upload them right away. I was looking through my camera just now, and I thought I should post about the huge failure that was The Color Run. I was so excited for this race. It's a 5K, you wear white, and they throw colored powder on you at every K. My mom and our friend Jared were even in town for it. 

The morning of the race I got an email from the race people saying because of the rain we'd been getting, leave your jogging strollers at home because it's too muddy. So what were we supposed to do? We didn't have a babysitter, so we thought we'd brave it. We got to the race (finally, after a long wait and a long walk), and the race started an hour late. It was freezing, so we had to just dance around and try to keep warm. (Yeah, my pictures suck.)

showing off my Color Run tat.

we were all so unaware of the crap race we were about to start.

Finally we started the race and went through the first color station, where I got a speck of yellow on my shoulder. It was muddier than I thought it would be, and Matt decided to pull out with the stroller/Beck. I thought he should've kept going, but it's so good that he didn't. People with strollers ended up having to carry them. Another person's wheel broke. The whole three miles was a mud run. But way worse than a mud run. It was the most miserable three miles I've ever walked. No one ran because it was mud up to your ankles, and everyone's shoes were being sucked off nonstop. Some people just took their shoes off and walked barefoot. At one point one of my shoes goes sucked off, and it happened so fast that I kept going and couldn't get back to it. Someone that was passing by brought it to me. I don't think I ever passed another color station. Later I got on their facebook page to see if anyone was as annoyed about the whole thing as I was, and The Color Run people said that they couldn't drive out to the color areas because of the mud, so the color wasn't there. (If the conditions were that bad, why didn't they warn us?!) Other color stations ran out of color after a little while. So I finished with that same speck of yellow that I got at the beginning. I was so mad at the whole thing. Some people on the facebook page were like, "The race was so much fun!!" WERE WE AT THE SAME RACE?!

Here's what my legs look like at the end.

I haven't run a race since.


Words I Hate (Part 2)

This is turning into words and phrases I hate. I'll put a disclaimer here that this list will include things many of you say. Don't be offended; just change your ways. Just kidding. Kinda. Here's another disclaimer: I have no idea how the layout will turn out since I'm blogging from my iPad (cause I'm cool like that).

I'll include the words from the last time I did this so you can have a full compilation for your records.


Oh stop trying to be so artsy.

Example: That gigantic flower on your daughter's head is darling!

Example: That gigantic flower on your daughter's head is so stinking darling!

Example: I got the darling flower from my local Michael's. I did not go to the Michael's in Kansas City, just in case you were wondering. Just my local one.

Example: Writing local in a sentence is unnecessary, no?

Example: Just had a yummy dinner at Cafe Rio!
You are not six. (And no one cares, but that's off topic.)

Top knot
I'm just sick of reading top knot.

Buying your dress from a thrift store doesn't make it vintage.

Example: My cousin and his sweet wife had a baby.
Sweet wife sounds like the equivalent of uninteresting, unfunny, un-anything-I'd-like. If you're going to use an adjective to describe me, please use bitchin'. I didn't say bitchy. I said bitchin'. And please remember that I said an adjective. Not a verb. Oh dear, I've lost so many of you, haven't I?

Cold cuts
I prefer lunch meat. They're the same, right? I mean...they're the same, no?


Example: I love to nosh on my baby's puff snacks.

I can't even.
This one blogger kept saying this, and she was already getting on my nerves, so I stopped reading her blog.

Chelsi, you are exempt.

Example: I adore vintage clothing!

Example: I padded down the hall as quietly as I could.
This was used often in a book I was reading, and it annoyed me each time. Cassandra Clare, stop it.

Unless we're talking chicken tenders. I like those.

Example: The pictures of your daughter with the darling flower on her head are too cute. I can't even.
TOO cute? What's going to happen now that we've surpassed the allowed level of cuteness?!

You are not Dumbledore.


You are not Holden Caulfield.

Strong is the new skinny.
Oh, so someone fat and strong will now be on the cover and Cosmo? No.

Something else
Example: She is something else!
What is she?!

Mom, you can do it. It doesn't bug me when people use it in a text, but when you're blogging, you can't just spell it out?

Love your guts

Said no one ever
It was funny the first time.

Minus the ba, and I'll be happy.

And that is all I have for you during this segment of Words/Phrases I Hate.



Beck: Rumor has it?
Me: Yep!
Beck: Oh. Rumor has it!


Somebody That I Used to Know

We have internet! This means I can watch videos again. My cousin showed me this cover of Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye. Have you seen it? The guy with the beanie and the guy in the middle are my favorites.



How to sing the alphabet song well.

Please disregard the mess in the background. We are moving!


I'm so annoyed. This app is craaaazy! Must be related to me.

I had to get the Blogger app. Stupid. And it's being crazy.

So I have been without internet for, like, three weeks. First world problem. I'm not complaining. But that's mostly why I never blog anymore. I also don't really care. I DEFINITELY don't care enough to go to such lengths like downloading this stupid app. But I'm bored.

I have been making lists on my phone. Would you like to read them?

Words I Hate:
Film (just say movie!)
Darling (as an adjective. You can call me one all day!)
Stinking (usually when describing something darling)
Local (I know I've mentioned this one before, but I still hate it.)
, no? (It's so overdone, no?)

Things I Don't Like, But Other People Do:
Dan in real life
The office

Ok, I need to work on this list a little more. And I'm starting to like The Office a little more now. But I'll have you know that I like Scrubs waaaay more. I'm also trying to like 30 Rock. I tried to love (or even like) Doctor Who, but no. NO.

Things Beck Says:
--The Beast left and said, "Bye, honey," so Beck kept saying bye honey.
--Lalybug for ladybug
--Bark for fart

Umm I need to do this more.

Also, if you are not my Facebook friend, you are really missing out on some quality pictures of The Beast.

Book I've Read in 2012:
1. Hush, Hush - Jan 3
2. Ender's Game - Jan 14
3. 13 Reasons Why - Jan 17
4 Guernsey - Feb 20
5 the truth about forever - march 2
6 walk two moons - march 10
7 Rebecca - April 1
8 gathering blue - April 11

I decided to read a book a month this year, but since I was doing so well, I decided to make it 24 books this year. Hush, Hush only counts for 1/2 a book since I started it in December. I also read a parenting book that I didn't include in the list. My favorite so far has been The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Took me a long time to even know the full name of it. I haven't really been into any of the books since it. I'm trying to decide what to read next. Water for elephants, the time travelers wife, or the second book from the Left Behind series. There are like a hundred books in that series.

If this posts under Beck's blog, I'm going to be pissed! Oh that reminds me of another list to start: things that piss me off. That should fill up pretty fast!

oh, also, be my friend on goodreads.

Please work, please work..........

Hello. Hm, this doesnt seem to be working on my phone. i tried. goodbye. oh gosh, that last part sounds like a suicide note. ill try again later, ok?!!!


Please, someone, relate.

I may have posted this before...I don't know. It's isn't even good enough to post about twice (or even once?), but I'll go for it anyway.

That was the year of 2004 or 2005 - when my friend called me Kurr, and it didn't occur to me to mind. That was before Obama got elected, before Amy Winehouse came, when I couldn't wait to join the Society of Technical Communication, and I thought I'd never find a girl as great as Lindsay Blair. That was the year I lived in Cobble Creek.

Oh man, did anyone catch that redo of the first lines of Dirty Dancing? If not, you and I have a problem.

Anyway, the first time I watched Garden State was my sophomore year at USU with my friend Lindsay Blair. I also call her Blurr. Or Blair. Or Guuuuuuurl. I laughed soooooo hard when I saw the scene where the guy shoots a flaming arrow straight up in the air and Zach Braff and Natalie Portman shuffle around while trying to get out of the way.


Please tell me you did that while catching a pop fly. If not, that probably means you're a good outfielder. Or really bad. I dunno...I always stuck to being the catcher, where people threw straight right at me. They called me Pudge. (How many of you get that joke? Stacy...Mom...no one else...)


Because you were hoping to see a post about my feet

I was just looking through some old pictures on this here blog as I was trying to find a pregnancy picture to send to my friend (don't any of you do that, and if you do, be nice in your judgments). I came across my blog post about my fatty feet, and wowza. I decided to take pictures of my feet as they are now just so you can see the difference.



Slooooowwww Moooootioooonnnnn

Last night I found some cool options on the camera I got for Christmas, so Matt and I tried to come up with cool ideas for a super slow motion movie (or 100). Sorry the videos are so dark. Our living room lighting sucks, and the camera seems to show them brighter.

Sorry, you have to wait 14 boring seconds before the fun begins on the one above.

The look I was giving Matt during this one was because I was disappointed that the thing I was doing wasn't as good as the one I did before.