Well the first update is that I finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Not my fave, but it was ok.

Second. We bought red paint from Home Depot, and the lady that was helping us was like, "You're going to need a tinted primer." I looked at Matt, and we said, "Nah." She kept going on and on about how people come back and tell her that they put on so many coats that their wall gets soft. I think about how I painted the laundry room pink, and I only needed two coats. So again, we said, "Nah." So we left with one gallon of Cranberry Zing paint. We've done three coats, and we need to go back to Home Depot for more paint. Boooo. If it ever looks even, it will look really good!

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Scott N Stephanie said...

I just started Message in a Bottle by Nicolas Sparks. I had to give up on the polygamy book.....