I have design attention deficit disorder

I know, I change my background/heading a lot. I think I have design ADD. For the past couple days I had a background from a website, but I felt like a sellout, so I had to design my own heading again. I have the same problem with my myspace page. Gotta keep everyone on their toes! I will design yours if you pay. :) Maybe I can start up a company. I have actually been wanting to have a designing company for stationery and stuff like that, but I'm not that good. I will admit that I have spent many an hour looking at websites like Brick House Paperie and my friend's wife's site, Karisa Winkel Designs because I want to do that. Anyway, that was a long ramble aboot nothing. And for your viewing pleasure (because blogs suck without pictures)...

yours truly

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wendy said...

I like your new heading and I LOVE mine! Thanks for sneaking in and changing it. I like the designing idea...go for it!