Some questions you just don't ask

Recently I have noticed the lack of education some people have when it comes to asking appropriate questions and making appropriate statements. One person I know has said the following:

  • I look really good in black.

  • How many carats is your ring?

  • By doing that, I make four or five hundred dollars.

  • He's in love with me...like every other guy.

I wonder if her mother ever taught her that some things aren't ok to say. I'm guessing not.

The thing that got me to write this blog about social politeness (a new term that I just coined) is that while I was at work today, a man asked, "Awww....are you having a baby?"
Me: "No..."
Him: came over to hug me "Oh I'm so sorry. I guess that's why you don't ask that question, huh?"
Me: "Yeah." I was pretty much just confused at this point, so I hadn't gotten my feelings hurt yet.

About a minute later I see him again.
Him: "I'm so sorry; you look good!"
Me: "Psh. Yeah."

I hang my head in shame. It actually didn't hurt my feelings as much as I always thought it would. I know that I am prone to belly fat, but I didn't think that I looked like something was growing in there!

Now that picture is funny...I don't care who ya are.


ambyr said...

WOW! YOu look stunning!!! Seems like you're having too much fun with that software!!!LOL!

Stephanie said...

ha ha ha! some people just need to keep their mouths shut...

Alex and Kerri said...

I just laughed. A LOT!