Don't feel the pressure, but don't start slackin'

This is a follow-up from when I told everyone to update their blogs more often, which ya should!

As I was perusing other people's blogs, I found that one blogger said that she loved Google Reader and how it made her life so much easier because she didn't have to check each and every blog she wanted to look at. (So I thought it sounded like an answer to my prayers. Yes, I really did pray about this. No, not really.) I liked what I saw, so now I have a way of seeing who updated their pages without having to look at everyone's pages every single day. And no, Stacy, I don't look at people's comments all the time either. Only Missy's comments cause she has friends that like controversy. :)

Today my finger got slammed really fricken hard in the self-shutting door that goes out to the garage. I danced around a LOT and then, after the adrenaline went away, I cried. I don't do that too often when I get hurt. It still hurts like a mother.

As you were.

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