Sorry, but I'm posting again. Get over it.

So I have been on the computer allllll day because I've been finding the best stuff on here. I found some lady's website that gives tutorials for Photoshop, so I tried it out. Here's my first attempt:

I'm not sure how to make that white background around the pic go away, but I'll figure it out as I play with it. But here's another try:

On another note, please rock out to my Stevie Nicks music, please do.

And does ANYONE know how to download fonts onto a PC with Vista? It's pissin' me off. Anyone. Please. Help. Even if I don't know you.


Dyslexic Minds said...

Well hurry and get good so you can just train me!!! I meant it, when do we get to play that toy with you guys??

Stacy Girl said...

Uhhh. You're really good. I like both the pictures. Ah-dorable. haha.

ps. You look cute in that picture. Love it!

Missy said...

Nice job! And to get the white to go away you have to save it as a transparent gif. If Elements gives you that option!

You guys are so cute! I'll spend some time later today on all the blogs you've posted. I'm all for new stuff!

Missy said...

Oh and I have no idea how to load fonts on Vista. THAT'S WHY I HAVE A MAC! You should get one. ;)

Lindsay said...

Hey Kari: I have been playing around with photoshop and I have a question. What size do you make your headers? I have tried to put one on my but it just hasnt worked.

Elise said...

Ok...This is going to sound crazy but, I saw on Facebook that you are friends with Garrett Johnson. How well do you know him? He is kinda dating my little sister. My dad doesn't like him at all...I met him and I thought he was nice. What do you think? Sorry that this is so random! By the way...Love the Stevie Nicks!

katy kathryn julia said...

You have really good music on here! I'm too lazy to go back and change the ones I selected the first time. Also, your blog is like a very cute scrapbook--I completely approve!

ambyr said...

hey! nice work!! And missy is right by the way- you need a MAC!!! They are truly the best inventions yet!! I love doing borders though...they make the picture have so much more pop!

Peter said...

How do you get that effect. That scratchy antique type look?

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